Saturday, May 21, 2011

5. A Sermon: The Angel-Brute Consults the Oracle of His Techno-Artefact - by Dr. NoBot


I see a stupid man on his smart phone

Everything talks, he walks along in throngs alone

He is auto-incommunicado:  everyman – no one

The streets buckle and heave under him

The weight of nothingness bears down, down on the earth

Every window in every building, every leaf on every tree

Spatters out bloodless voices and voided noises

Millions of human-vermin swarm over and around one another

Avoid the voided neighbour, then void the avoid with rapid-eye vapid-vision

Every tiny rearing person-worm is a stunning regal banqueter

Beautiful and alive and radiantly creative and gallows-bound

Stabbing stiff little fingers on thin luminous glass in the palm

Click and drag, click and drag, click and drag, click and drag

The slow and steady train-track rhythm in their minds unheard

Round the world, round the world, round the whole wide world

And back again and back again and back into our little hands again

The simian-seraph makes a sign, it means he will have chips with others

It means he knows not what; he laughs into his palm and signs and sighs

Burning with terrible intelligence his gaze glazes over with tonight’s appetites

He beats his great chest with great fists and is borne aloft on invisible wings

While each of two bloods sings inside and on top of him for the mastery

In the masonry he muddles through the midst of, as he laps at puddles of lapsed love,

And huddles in hand-held hovels and grovels for broth from brothels

Is moaning for the matrimony, for the holy-holy-holy matrimony

(With acknowledgment to Blaise Pascal, Pensees, # 358.)


  1. That was just wonderful. Really cool stuff!

  2. Thanks! I confess I'm surprised to see someone comment here after all these years. Appreciate hearing your response though. Take care.