Friday, May 20, 2011

4. Whores On Mars (Are Not Necessarily Necessary) - by Voice of the Mysterons

There’s Gonna Be A…………….




MUTINY! (In Outer Space!)


Botanist Only Has Eyes For the Microscope

Captain’s Captivated By the Wife Back Home

Meteorologist (is a) Monk On a Mission

And the Poor Technicians Under These Conditions!

MUTINY! (All Good Exploring)

MUTINY! (Surely Needs its Whoring)

MUTINY! (Among the Stars)

MUTINY! (From the Whores on Mars)

The Good Time Girls, Like Go-To-Bed-Janet

Know You Can’t Have a Good Time On the Red Planet!


‘Woman’s Higher Aphrodisio-Therapeutic Humane Organisation!’ (x 4)

(Ooooh! That’s Right, Ladies!

Don’t Let Outworn Ethics Hold You Back!

We’ll Take Aged Professors and the Morbidly Obese

Just Gimme Some of that Astro-Aphrodesio-Therapy!)

‘WHAT-HO! WHAT-HO! WHAT-HO! Girls, What?’ (x 2)

‘No, You Canny Send Your Granny On a Rocket

No, You Canny Send Your Granny, Get Her Off It!’

Gotta Get Away From the Whores On Mars!

(Based on C. S. Lewis’s short story ‘Ministering Angels’, first published in the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, 1958, collected in his book The Dark Tower and Other Stories or the anthology The Science Fiction Century)


  1. Howdy Dan!
    I never got your email about the interview...Wish I had time to keep up with my blog. I haven't touch it in awhile. I hope all is well with you and yours. would love to hear what you are up to these days... I just got the "Anatomy of a Monster" album today and was cracking up at you in the live portions... Very humorous. Are you still in Ireland?

    Just thought I'd drop you a line. Still love listening to BTRM. Thanks for all the music. I enjoy it so much.

    Yo brutha in ChRiSt, Joshua

  2. Hi Joshua, great to hear from you again! No problem about the interview - I was super slow in getting back to you. Glad you enjoy the humour from that gig.

    Yeah, we're still in Scotland (just across the way from Ireland, heh). Your welcome for all the music! Thanks for all the listening!