Thursday, May 19, 2011

2. Close Encounters of the Ominous Ape-Cat (A Contemplative Nocturne Useful for Sleepless Midnights) - by Voice of the Mysterons

I First Saw Ape-Cat Climbing Up the Side of a Building in a Deserted and Derelict District of the City…


Simian and Feline Commingled, a Moonlit Bi-Form Grotesquery

Brute Muscles Shifting Under the Brown Pelt, Blue in the Dark-and-Neon Ambient

Bestial-yet-Wise Green Eyes Shining

Six Stories Up, Astride a Gothic-style Dockside Hotel

Roosting in the Pinnacles and Parapets, a Nightmare

Out of the Ancient Mesopotamian Screaming into the Modern Metropolitan

Ape-Cat is Wondrous Quick!

Ape-Cat Leaps Upon Her Prey!

Ape-Cat strikes! A Thunderbolt!

Crashes Through the Glass

Breaks Up a Coven of Senior Gargoyles

Eleven Devils Met in Malevolence

She Tears Out Throats with Snarling Ferocity and Acrobatic Agility

But the Trap is Sprung On Her!

Lights Out! and a Laugh in the Dark

A Hoarse Whisper in Both Pointed Ears at Once

Then Falling, Clawing Air without Impact

(Falling Up, Falling In )


What You Doing So Far from Home in the Big City, Ape-Cat?

Did the gods Do Their Number On You? Amalgamate and Abandon You?’

Who Are You, Lord?’ She Asks in a Guttural Purr

The One it is Your Secret Wish to Serve’

Ah!’ She Cries

Ape-Cat! (Shocked to Be)

Ape-Cat! Alive and Diving

Twenty Feet Down and Outward

Gunshots Behind Her!

Swiftly Swinging into the Stinging Rain

Down the Iron Fire-ladders

Angling from Alley to Street to Alley

Abruptly into the Cluttered Space Between Buildings

Dogs Baying On Her Trail

Whimper Away at the Sight of Her Blowing a Hissed Kiss

Her Bloody Fur Drenched in The Light

The Light, The Unexpected Light That Night

(Note: much of the imagery and action of this lyric is heavily indebted to R. A. Lafferty’s novel The Devil Is Dead, chapter eleven: ’36,000 Pieces of Paper’.)

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