Thursday, May 19, 2011

1. Iron-Horned John Awakes and Says ‘Good Day’ to Children Everywhere - by Voice of the Mysterons

Iron-Horned! Iron-Horned!

Iron-Horned John Rises Up Steaming from the Red Clay

Into the Streaming Gold Day

All Six Feet of Goring Horns On Display

Bearded with Clods of Earth

Weirdly Wormed in Myth's Mirth

Wild-eyed and Wreaking Havoc

On the Hordes of Writhing Devils

Head Down, Horns Aloft

Awash in Flame and Black Blood


Flinging Out Spikes of Light

To Bless the Bleak of Eyesight

A Holy Terror Roaming

From Gleaming into Gloaming

In Blood’s Fire at End of Day

Goes Down Again into the Clay

(When Knights of Night Come Out to Play

And Good Dark Frightens Fiends Away)

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