Friday, May 27, 2011

The Menagerie is Taking Shape Before Our Eyes!

Thanks to JOSHUA GUILBEAU for doing almost the whole crew! (And we're still accepting other visual contributions - keep 'em comin'!)

'Auto-Sapiens' the Android Gunslinger:

The Detective of Nightmares:

Iron-Horned John:


Even Doctor NoBot makes an appearance!

(My hair is not that 'hip' in real life.)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another Ape-Cat!

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Thanks to Joshua Guilbeau for this one (click on his name for his cool-i-o website).

Click HERE for the lyrics that inspired this illustration.

Here's the music:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ape-Cat Illustration!

My good friend, Stephen Cefalo, has unveiled the first illustration interpretation of one of the creatures from the lyrics of the new songs: Ape-Cat! He's still working on it but I'm LOVING it so far!

(Click on the link to see the rest of her.)

All right, illustrators and artists of all sorts, the game is on! Who's gonna send me something next? 'Twill be featured here on the blog so get goin'!

Here are the lyrics that inspired this illustration:

And here is the song:

Saturday, May 21, 2011

7. Death of An Android Gunslinger - by Blaster the Rocket Man

The Prequel:

Striding into the Bleeding Red Dwarf Sunset, Two Strange Figures Converse: the One Tall, Tough, and Rangy, Stetson-Crowned and Duster-Clad and Spur-Boot Shod and Six-Gun Fixed, Betimes Glinting Fire On Metal with a Nod or Gesture; the Other Dark, Dire, Huge and Hairy, Loping in a Lupine Gait Yet Curiously Erect, and Despite His Fearful Bulk, Glimmering, Wraith-like…

A Meta-Galactic Dialogue Between Auto-Sapiens and Lycanthrophantom, Followed By a Thrilling Action Sequence and Tragi-Comic Twist:




‘My Maker is the Corporation

You Order Your Automatons from

Can you Buy a Bios? An Ikon of the Theos?’

‘Seems Like Every Body in this No Account Spaceport

Hosts a Ghost Behind the Face, Except for Me and My Sort’

(Sighed the Cyber-Ikon from His Apparition-Aperture)


‘I Howl to You from Beyond the Veil – You Pale, My Brother in Half-Humanity

I’m the Spectral Wolf-Man, You’re the Haunted Man-Bot, You Fear to See’




‘Am I Sentient? Am I Meant?

From Whence is the Spirit Sent?’

Every Laser Pistol in the Place is Drawn

Out the Holster of Every Johnny Outlaw,

Mick Mercenary and Charlie Marshal

In this Hellhole Hull

-The Many-Coloured Blasts Flame Out

And Muttering in his Circuitry, He Adds His Fire to the Fray

But in His Reverie Time Seems to Freeze

As He Falls to His Knees…


‘If I Can Die, Can I Live?’


‘It May Have Occurred to You That I Too

Was a Cursed Cur On a Dark Dog Star’


‘What Farthest Shores are You From?

Are You Ever Going Home?’


‘Anything Could Happen, Son

It Could Go On Forever…

Just Jump Off the Cliff’

(He Jumps Off…)

Real-time Action Recommences:

Shoot-out! Shoot-out! Shoot-out!

Shoot-out! Shoot-out! Shoot-out!

Do You Feel My Soul Blasting Out?

The Wires and Veins are Bursting!

Sparks and Blood are Spraying On All of Us!

The Metal Under the Skin is Glowing

And the Bone Under the Metal Showing

Are We Meeting with the Maker in All this Bloody Blur?

Are We Meeting with the Maker in All this Bloody Blur?

Are We Meeting with the Maker in All this Bloody Blur?

Auto-Sapiens’ Dying Words: ‘FIRE!’ [See Blaise Pascal’s Memorial]

6. The Detective of Nightmares and The Case of the Polter-Zeitgeist Or What Weird Shapes Creep Into the Big Sleep? - by Blaster the Rocket Man

The Blood Pooling in His Palm Held Out to You

(He Says)

'You Cannot Expect to Pay a Real Debt with the Currency of Sleep.'

Talented Talon Taps Your Shoulder,

You Look Over Just in Time to See the Great Black Beak and Surmise

It's Stabbing At Your Eyes!

Bleak Plumage and Pinions

Flapping in Your Face, Muffling Your Cries (for Murder Must Advertise)

Ontologically Haunted!

Ravenous Ravens Blocking the Playgrounds and Blacking the Skies in Disguise

Ontologically Haunted!

(But) Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Polter-Zeitgeist Behind Group Mind?

Existentially Hunted!

D-D-D-Detective of Nightmares! Detective of Dreams!

When Reality Tears, All is Not as it Seems…

When the Fall Starts to Pull You

Toward the Call of Cthulhu

You Know What You Gotta Do, You Gotta Retort!

With that Luminous Numinous Pistol Report!

(I Recoiled in the Coils of the Spirit of the Age)

When it All Starts to Lull You

Toward the Call of Cthulhu

You Can Feel it Slither Hither in You,

That Polter-Zeitgeist Over Your Shoulder,

Its Claws Sunk into Your Psyche, that Great Sucking Succubus Mothers and Smothers us

Yeah, those Infernal, Maternal Suckers on that Succubus Suck Up and Sucker Us Every Time!

(You Know What They Say: 'The Leech Has Two Daughters – Give and Give!')

Inky Idea-Incubus All Hooked On Your flesh

I Said the Inky Idea-Incubus Injected Infection Inside Us!

But the Voice of the Other, Love’s Whispered Bang in Your Blood,

Leaves Harpooned Fiends Festooned in Gore

As the Smoke Curls Up from the Blood-Strewn Floor

Detective of Dreams! Detective of Nightmares!

The Unexpected Screams, You Descend the Cellar Stairs…

Is it a Troubling Ghost or Drowned Corpse?

Though Your Eyes Never Meet, the Terrible Paraclete

Is Breathing Up Your Spine, Enfolding You

Oh, the Terrible Paraclete Slips into You through these Were-Words

That Raise the Hairs On Your Neck with Whispers of Love Proven Redly

The Blood Pooling in His palm, Held Out to You…

The End.

(With acknowledgment and all due respect to: H. P. Lovecraft, Dorothy Sayers, Raymond Chandler, Alfred Hitchcock, Gene Wolfe, China Mieville, and Dallas Willard.)

5. A Sermon: The Angel-Brute Consults the Oracle of His Techno-Artefact - by Dr. NoBot


I see a stupid man on his smart phone

Everything talks, he walks along in throngs alone

He is auto-incommunicado:  everyman – no one

The streets buckle and heave under him

The weight of nothingness bears down, down on the earth

Every window in every building, every leaf on every tree

Spatters out bloodless voices and voided noises

Millions of human-vermin swarm over and around one another

Avoid the voided neighbour, then void the avoid with rapid-eye vapid-vision

Every tiny rearing person-worm is a stunning regal banqueter

Beautiful and alive and radiantly creative and gallows-bound

Stabbing stiff little fingers on thin luminous glass in the palm

Click and drag, click and drag, click and drag, click and drag

The slow and steady train-track rhythm in their minds unheard

Round the world, round the world, round the whole wide world

And back again and back again and back into our little hands again

The simian-seraph makes a sign, it means he will have chips with others

It means he knows not what; he laughs into his palm and signs and sighs

Burning with terrible intelligence his gaze glazes over with tonight’s appetites

He beats his great chest with great fists and is borne aloft on invisible wings

While each of two bloods sings inside and on top of him for the mastery

In the masonry he muddles through the midst of, as he laps at puddles of lapsed love,

And huddles in hand-held hovels and grovels for broth from brothels

Is moaning for the matrimony, for the holy-holy-holy matrimony

(With acknowledgment to Blaise Pascal, Pensees, # 358.)

Friday, May 20, 2011

4. Whores On Mars (Are Not Necessarily Necessary) - by Voice of the Mysterons

There’s Gonna Be A…………….




MUTINY! (In Outer Space!)


Botanist Only Has Eyes For the Microscope

Captain’s Captivated By the Wife Back Home

Meteorologist (is a) Monk On a Mission

And the Poor Technicians Under These Conditions!

MUTINY! (All Good Exploring)

MUTINY! (Surely Needs its Whoring)

MUTINY! (Among the Stars)

MUTINY! (From the Whores on Mars)

The Good Time Girls, Like Go-To-Bed-Janet

Know You Can’t Have a Good Time On the Red Planet!


‘Woman’s Higher Aphrodisio-Therapeutic Humane Organisation!’ (x 4)

(Ooooh! That’s Right, Ladies!

Don’t Let Outworn Ethics Hold You Back!

We’ll Take Aged Professors and the Morbidly Obese

Just Gimme Some of that Astro-Aphrodesio-Therapy!)

‘WHAT-HO! WHAT-HO! WHAT-HO! Girls, What?’ (x 2)

‘No, You Canny Send Your Granny On a Rocket

No, You Canny Send Your Granny, Get Her Off It!’

Gotta Get Away From the Whores On Mars!

(Based on C. S. Lewis’s short story ‘Ministering Angels’, first published in the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, 1958, collected in his book The Dark Tower and Other Stories or the anthology The Science Fiction Century)

3. Horror Boy’s Monstrous Thought Revue - by Voice of the Mysterons

Come Here… Shake My Hand

What Do You Feel? A Coil, a Claw, a Slithering of…?

Horror Boy’s Got the Drop On You

Gonna Work a Spectral Bop On You

Did You Feel the Tempo and Tone that Razor Sharp Bone Claw Made

As it Tapped a Tattoo On the Tinny Teeth of a Rusty Steel Saw Blade?





Horror Boy’s Got the Jump On You

His Horror Toys Got to Jump On You

Icy Fingers On Your Spine From Behind

Introduce You to His MONSTERS OF THOUGHT!





Don’t Look Now…


To Chop Your Chain Gang and Shuck Your Husk Red and Rent


To Rake Your Scared Stare and Make You Understand Me


To Sicken Your Cerebellum and Trouble Your Double-Helix

Time Does Not Permit to Tell of HORNED HORACE, PINCER JIM, SCALY SCARLET et. al. —


and On a Chain Pulled By a Brick Bat Crew

The Good Captain’s SHINY BEAST

Will Also Attend the Feast

Christ Plays In a Thousand Faces

And Some of Them Are Hideous, Brother!

Christ Plays In a Thousand Faces

And Some of Them Are Hideous, Brother!

(Some Are Grotesque and Sinister, Sister!)

(With acknowledgement and admiration to Don Van Vliet and Gerard Manley Hopkins.)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

2. Close Encounters of the Ominous Ape-Cat (A Contemplative Nocturne Useful for Sleepless Midnights) - by Voice of the Mysterons

I First Saw Ape-Cat Climbing Up the Side of a Building in a Deserted and Derelict District of the City…


Simian and Feline Commingled, a Moonlit Bi-Form Grotesquery

Brute Muscles Shifting Under the Brown Pelt, Blue in the Dark-and-Neon Ambient

Bestial-yet-Wise Green Eyes Shining

Six Stories Up, Astride a Gothic-style Dockside Hotel

Roosting in the Pinnacles and Parapets, a Nightmare

Out of the Ancient Mesopotamian Screaming into the Modern Metropolitan

Ape-Cat is Wondrous Quick!

Ape-Cat Leaps Upon Her Prey!

Ape-Cat strikes! A Thunderbolt!

Crashes Through the Glass

Breaks Up a Coven of Senior Gargoyles

Eleven Devils Met in Malevolence

She Tears Out Throats with Snarling Ferocity and Acrobatic Agility

But the Trap is Sprung On Her!

Lights Out! and a Laugh in the Dark

A Hoarse Whisper in Both Pointed Ears at Once

Then Falling, Clawing Air without Impact

(Falling Up, Falling In )


What You Doing So Far from Home in the Big City, Ape-Cat?

Did the gods Do Their Number On You? Amalgamate and Abandon You?’

Who Are You, Lord?’ She Asks in a Guttural Purr

The One it is Your Secret Wish to Serve’

Ah!’ She Cries

Ape-Cat! (Shocked to Be)

Ape-Cat! Alive and Diving

Twenty Feet Down and Outward

Gunshots Behind Her!

Swiftly Swinging into the Stinging Rain

Down the Iron Fire-ladders

Angling from Alley to Street to Alley

Abruptly into the Cluttered Space Between Buildings

Dogs Baying On Her Trail

Whimper Away at the Sight of Her Blowing a Hissed Kiss

Her Bloody Fur Drenched in The Light

The Light, The Unexpected Light That Night

(Note: much of the imagery and action of this lyric is heavily indebted to R. A. Lafferty’s novel The Devil Is Dead, chapter eleven: ’36,000 Pieces of Paper’.)

1. Iron-Horned John Awakes and Says ‘Good Day’ to Children Everywhere - by Voice of the Mysterons

Iron-Horned! Iron-Horned!

Iron-Horned John Rises Up Steaming from the Red Clay

Into the Streaming Gold Day

All Six Feet of Goring Horns On Display

Bearded with Clods of Earth

Weirdly Wormed in Myth's Mirth

Wild-eyed and Wreaking Havoc

On the Hordes of Writhing Devils

Head Down, Horns Aloft

Awash in Flame and Black Blood


Flinging Out Spikes of Light

To Bless the Bleak of Eyesight

A Holy Terror Roaming

From Gleaming into Gloaming

In Blood’s Fire at End of Day

Goes Down Again into the Clay

(When Knights of Night Come Out to Play

And Good Dark Frightens Fiends Away)